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Hawaiian Delight Tisane
Hawaiian Delight Tisane

Hawaiian Delight Tisane

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A Herbal Blend that is edible with pieces of tropical fruit.  Complex and fruity, Hawaiian Delight is like a vacation without leaving home. Enjoy this blend equally hot or iced.

As good as it tastes, it is great for your health.  Pineapple, mango and rosehips are all great sources of vitamin C.  Hibiscus also contains vitamin C as well as many minerals that are important for good health.  Hibiscus supports liver function as well as supporting a healthy outlook and good digestion.


 Ingredients Pineapple pieces, mango bits, date pieces, hibiscus, safflowers, rose hips, marigold with passion fruit and mango flavoring
Origin China
Antioxidant Level High
Caffeine Level None

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