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Organic Pregnancy Tea
Organic Pregnancy Tea

Organic Pregnancy Tea

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Pregnancy Tea is an herbal blend of 4 different herbal teas that support both mother and baby during pregnancy.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Tonifies the uterus, prepares the uterus for labor and therefore, makes the contractions stronger and more efficient. Raspberry Leaf is a good source of vitamin C as well as manganese.  Manganese supports ligaments, particularly those in the pelvis that are helping hold the growing baby.

Nettle Leaf:  Nettle is an overall tonic, rich in vitamins and other micro nutrients like iron, chlorophyll, calcium and zinc.  As a good source of vitamin C, nettle can be sipped with meals to aid in iron absorption. Not only is nettle good during pregnancy, but can be supportive in conception as well as support the production of breast milk.  Nettle is also good for a healthy urinary tract and supports healthy adrenal function. 

Oat straw:  A great source of calcium and magnesium which are great muscle support (the uterus and heart are muscles). Calcium and magnesium are also good for building strong bones and teeth.

Alfalfa Leaf: It is thought to ease morning sickness and a natural anti-inflammatory.  Alfalfa is rich in vitamin K (along with Red Raspberry Leaf and Nettle).  Vitamin K helps with proper blood clotting and circulation. Alfalfa also helps to support breast milk production. Alfalfa also supports pituitary function helping with those hormones.

These four herbs are mixed in the proper ratio so making a large quantity of tea is easy.

To prepare infusion:

  1. Warm a quart glass jar under hot tap water.
  2. Put one large handful of herbal mixture in empty, warm jar.
  3. Pour boiling water into jar, making sure to stir down herbs.
  4. Cover jar and leave overnight to extract nutrients.
  5. In the morning, pour contents through a fine mess strainer (the metal screened type with a handle works best.) Rinse jar out and pour your infusion back into the jar. Discard or compost herbal material.
  6. Drink entire quart over the day. You may dilute the infusion with water or herbal tea if you wish, be sure to work at drinking the entire quart.  Refrigerate the unused portion until ready to drink.

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